The City & County of San Francisco is always trying to better use technology. The ICT Plan highlights eight key initiatives to transform City services over the next 5 years.



Open Data Initiative

Civic Innovation Plan

We believe that Open Data has the potential to enhance City operations. Open Data can reveal and unpack complex issues such as affordable housing, homelessness, and economic development. Launched in 2009, the Open Data initiative is meant to empower the use of data by developers, analysts, residents, and the greater community.


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Citywide Project Performance


We believe that innovation is essential to creating a modern government that improves the lives of its citizens. The Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation’s (MOCI) goal is to incubate new ideas, tools, and processes throughout the City. Recently MOCI has helped create public-private partnerships to build an entrepreneurial workforce, improve the affordable housing process, and streamline the permitting process for innovative projects in public spaces.


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San Francisco is initiating in a major effort to expand the availability of Internet throughout the City. The Connectivity Plan describes the City’s plan to provide high-speed Internet access to all City departments within the next five years. The City has also recently passed Dig Once legislation which will allow the City to expand its network whenever construction projects open up public streets. Dig Once will help save the City time and money in its goal to expand Internet access throughout San Francisco.


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To support a modern City, the City & County of San Francisco needs dynamic IT professionals to build and maintain IT systems. The IT Hiring Group is developing and testing new ways to attract and retain IT professionals. For example, the City has begun piloting a new online testing system to hire IT job classes. In order to transform government, the City must find new ways to hire IT professionals.


The core mission of the City & County of San Francisco is to serve the people of San Francisco. City services are available through a number of channels including face-to-face communications, mail, telephone, and online. The creation of a Public Experience Strategy is an initial step to create a better experience for residents, visitors, and businesses when working with the City. When delivering critical public services, the City must be more responsive to consumer needs.


Shared services are commonly used IT systems and infrastructure that every City department uses. For instance, the City should purchase software together at an enterprise level and work together to maintain ICT systems.The Department of Technology is working with other City departments to continue to build and use shared services. Through a Shared Services Strategy, the City will be more efficient and save money.


The Committee on Information Technology (COIT) will track project performance of key IT projects across the City. By tracking performance, COIT will identify successful projects and help develop new strategies. In particular, COIT will track the City’s Major IT Projects due to the significant impact they have on City operations.

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