Every two years, the City & County of San Francisco publishes the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Plan to prioritize projects that achieve the goals of innovation, sustainability, and resilience. The ICT Plan is developed by the Committee on Information Technology (COIT). The current plan is for fiscal years 2015-2020 and will be the third plan published by COIT. The ICT Plan is one component in a much larger strategy to transform City government.

Executive Summary


ICT Vision & Values

City Initiatives

Our vision is simple: deploy and support technology that improves City services.

Major Projects & Recommendations

We believe that user needs should drive our decisions. We support projects with the greatest impact and benefit to the larger community by starting with common solutions and low-hanging fruit. We also protect critical business functions from major IT disruptions, secure sensitive information, and develop technical standards for the City.

Annual Projects Allocation


San Francisco is engaged in a variety of initiatives to make ICT more impactful including: Open Data Initiative, Civic Innovation Plan, Connectivity Plan, IT Hiring Group, Public Experience Strategy, Shared Services Strategy, and Performance Reporting.


Smart investments can make City government more responsive, transparent, and effective. That’s why ICT funding recommendations are guided by a set of fiscal strategies to ensure successful outcomes and meaningful investments.


The 3 Strategic Goals in Figure 6 are used to frame ICT projects and align City initiatives. ICT projects that address Goal 1 of supporting, maintaining, and securing critical infrastructure is given the highest priority.


Major IT Projects are large, multi-year projects that have a citywide impact. The ICT plan recommends the distribution of $91M towards the following Major IT Projects over the next five years: Financial Systems Replacement Project, Public Safety & Public Service Radio Replacement and Property Tax Database.


In addition to funding Major IT Projects, the ICT Plan recommends funding a variety of other ICT project that support City goals. Over the next five years, the ICT plan recommends approving over $59M to invest in Annual Projects.

In order to build a modern and efficient government, San Francisco must continue investing in ICT projects that replace outdated legacy systems and move from paper to digital services. COIT’s recommendations are meant to spread out and prioritize funding to achieve the City’s most critical goals and keep pace with the technology demands of people that live, work, and play in San Francisco.

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